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If hit with a speeding or traffic ticket in Indianapolis you may have better options than just paying the ticket. We are Indianapolis Traffic lawyers who handle these tickets and may be a better option for you to consider.

Why people hire us and other information is provided here as a traffic defense resource for people being targeted with a traffic violation in Indianapolis.

Knowledge is Power. Take action to consult for free with us to investigate whether the services we provide are right for you. Discover how an experienced traffic ticket attorney in Indianapolis may be able to provide you with the help you need toward preserving a valuable driving record!

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Traffic Ticket Attorneys Serving Indianapolis

We are traffic ticket lawyers in Indianapolis. We are here as an option for those who would like an alternative to simply accepting all of the points, ticketed violations and damage to one’s driving record that can come at the whim of a traffic cop. We can appear for all court hearings for you and explore the possibility of a dismissal or a reduction in all traffic violations filed against you or one you care for.

You or a loved one has been stung with an Indiana Traffic Violation. You may have heard of Indianapolis Traffic Court as the home of the two thousand five hundred dollar traffic ticket. You want it taken care of. Without hassle. You’re worried about skyrocketing insurance rates and damaging points on your driving record. You’re fearful and concerned about the time and hassle of challenging the traffic cop before a judge and prosecutor in a court of law.

My legal services are for those who want to be sure that they’ve done what is possible to limit potential damage to their driving record and to safeguard their license from painful insurance premium increases. We appear for hard working people in court every day. We protect the livelihood of licensed (CDL) truck driving and business professionals as well as any person who needs to seek alternatives to having the penalties associated with a driving violation to restrict their freedom and livelihood. Give me a call for free. I’ll be able to discuss your legal options and whether our services are right for you.

The “Truths” To Know When Facing an Indiana Traffic Court Violation

Never Admit To a Traffic Violation Without Knowing The Possible Consequences. By law if charged with a criminal driving offense one must be instructed on the consequences of pleadding guilty to a crime. However, for a non criminal traffic violation people who may have otherwise good driving records will simply admit to a an alleged driving offense without knowing the possible long term penalties.

Traffic courts know the fear most people have of appearing  in a court of law. To take advantage of this reality local  governments will often bend over backwards to make it easy  for the unsuspecting motorist to admit to traffic violations. Courts will conveniently invite payments for traffic tickets by mail or out of court so as to avoid the  anxiety and/or inconvenience of challenging an alleged violation before a policeman, prosecutor and judge.

Our court system is not eager to instruct people on the  damage such an admission could have to one’s driving record  and the financial hit such an admission can have toward future insurance costs. Local communities depend on the traffic costs provided by these vulnerable citizens who may not be aware that there are far more intelligent ways to deal with traffic tickets.

When court employees, lawyers or others in the know are hit  with traffic violations they turn to legal professionals to  handle their cases for them. Traffic Defense Attorneys fight for justice on your behalf and challenge the actions  of prosecutors and policeman in court everyday. If needed, traffic lawyers can not only inform you as to all potential risks of admitting to a potential driving offense  but can also effectively defend your rights in traffic court so you don’t have to.

Statistics demonstrate that most people will be stopped for traffic violations several times during the course of their travels. As a result, an experienced traffic defense attorney can be one of the most valuable relationships a driver can ever have.

MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE AWARE OF THE TOTAL COST OF ATTORNEY FEES FOR LEGAL REPRESENTATION AND THE PERSON WHO WILL BE REPRESENTING YOU:  Although hard to believe, many folks simply hire a traffic lawyer on line through e-mail with the promise of paying for a legal  defense less than the  cost of an oil change. In many such cases no phone consultation is ever held with an attorney nor is the client aware what work is being performed on the client’s behalf.

National traffic defense websites with no connection to the community will often process your initial unrealistically low payment only for you to experience bill  after bill for services such as court appearance fees, filing fees, etc. not previously disclosed. Don’t fall for scams or the illusion that top legal defense  can be performed for a bargain basement fee. Don’t allow yourself to be victimized twice: Once, by an overzealous police officer and twice by an unscrupulous legal website or lawyer promising top notch results at unrealistic prices.

Finding the best defense attorney to protect your legal record should not be the same as price shopping for a used  car. All traffic attorneys are not the same. You or a loved one deserve to locate a responsive and experienced traffic defense lawyer at a realistic pre determined price you can afford.


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